We should have a very broad culture to anticipate all the ways that could open here to the meditations of an open mind, free of easements and constraints of an outdated culture to walk resolutely towards a dynamic philosophy in which thought and action would a.

Some scientists wonder that caged birds know more to nest and the bee is unable to find his hive when the man has changed the location. But it is in this case cheat life and relieve the animal to the demands of the environment which naturally affect its behavior. Instinct is. But there is a but … The instinct is a valid technique for life environment in which evolved the thousands of generations before us. If the environment changes then there maldonne: the technique of instinctive life no longer fits the needs in the new conditions … The individual must succeed this feat: regain balance or die. “And the third Freinet formula law is somehow the preamble to its educational psychology, the implementation of the feedback chain that characterizes life and decides his fate: From instinct to education. “Instinct is the track that have homework sites left us – transmitted through the generations – the infinite gropings whose success has served the permanence of species. […]