2017-06-03 16:14
Hello my name is Jenny(윤지영.17)

Starting from 2015, I stayed in vision academy for a year.

I can say that I have achieved a lot of things both personally and academically in a year of staying in Bacolod. I, first studied TOEIC in bacolod for four months. Although this seemed short for most Koreans, I got a highly satisfactory score of 900above. Additionally, due to memorizing words two hours daily, my vocabulary scale has increased a lot. To add, without a doubt, since I had 6classes in English a day, I could naturally develop my speaking skills. During classes, I had no choice but to speak, ask and explain everything in English. In terms of accent, even though I couldn't spend much time practicing it, I was able to learn the basic principles(things that are trivial but very important).Studying these principles helped me improve my intonation and pronunciation. Then, thanks to the Philippines' relaxing life, personally, I was able to develop my thoughts deeper and look back at my daily life. As a result, I could develop my values and personality, which are invisible but have incomparable significance.

Those things were possible because while I was staying in T.Young-ju's house, I wasn't allowed to possess a mobile phone. As you know, having one's mobile phones at hand can lead teenagers spend lots of time meaninglessly. To add, teacher Young-ju's keen ability of analyzing people and the system of managing students really helped me develop in lots of aspects.

I would love to encourage my friends; especially who are similar age to me to stay in vision academy for a year. It is because at our age, it is crucial to have the Philippines' relaxing life since it gives the opportunity to think, to develop our insight and to become better adults. I cordially appreciate the opportunity to stay with such good people and environment.