Experience in VISION = by Maverick (대만학생)

2017-06-03 16:02
Experience in VISION

I had 4 one on one classes and 1 group class. How to decide your classes? This depends on what you want to improve. The first day in the academy, you need to take an exam. It's not a very serious test. That is used to know your English abilities. After that, you need to do an interview with a teacher. The reason, I guess, is to decide the books that is suitable for your level. This is very important. Finally, you can start studying English. The manager will arrange the schedule for you. You can change it, if you don't like it.

1 on 1 classes
After the interview, I got many books for every class. The teacher taught me according to the topic in the book. Basically, we talk, talk, and talk all the time. This is the reason why you will experience great improvement in here. You can ask any questions, if you don't understand.

Group class
This is my favorite class in here. Because we discussed so many topics in many area, including culture, relationship, gender, etc. It was very interesting. Sometimes you can see real arguments in the class.

After class
I usually stay at the dormitory during the weekdays. Because I need to review and preview the books. I almost spent two hours doing these activities each day. On weekend, you can go out with your classmates. This is a another way to practice English, and it is very useful.

After 4 weeks, I can feel my improvement, especially in comprehension. I think taking the course is very effective and worth it.


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English should be part of your life, not just a lesson.

by Maverick.