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2017-06-03 16:02
很快的整整兩個月時間就這樣的結束了,能有機會來到 Vision Bacolod English Learning Center學習英文是多麼幸運的事,因為我在今天七月大學畢業,等待當兵中,所以我想利用我剩餘的時間,讓自在國外進修英文。

再來到菲律賓之前我做了很多功課,我必須考量到當地的物價、飲食,更重要的是合理的學費,最後我選擇校長夫婦有基督教背景的學校 Vision,也因為我自己也有宗教信仰,所以我更能體會有著宗教信仰的人,更能有一定的自我約束能力。

After two months I'm preparing for my final English class. I was luck, when I came to Vision Bacolod English Learning Center. It's was the best opportunity because July of this year I already graduated from the university. I'm also waiting for my military service. Therefore I want to use my free time to study English abroad.

I came to the Philippines, I searched lots of information. I must consider commodity prices, diet as well as the most important detail, the tuition fee. Finally, I chose Vision school because the school manager is Christian. Because I have a religious, so I realized that other people have a religion too. They have more self-restraint.


When I have just arrived in Bacolod City. I was taken care by my Korean classmates. And if I have had any problems. I could let the manager and his wife know about them. It was easily resolved.

Anything here made me feel warm and close to those in school. Currently there are only two Taiwanese. I envy the other Taiwanese, because she'll study here until next year. Here she couldn't speak Chinese and Korean, so she isn't forced to speak in English especially in listening. Her listening has ascended a lot.


I have thought that one on one learning style is very efficient. When I make a mistake and then I should correct immediately, the teacher would focus on me and my mistake. And if I don't understand the problems, the teacher tells me practice more.

Especially, in my group class in American accent training. Before, my pronunciation is of a Taiwanese. It was really terrible. The teacher spent lots of time to improve my pronunciation, simultaneously she also correct my other classmates. So far, I'm still practicing it.



I believed many Taiwanese worry about Philino teachers' pronunciation is different from Americans. If they want to become English an teacher, they have to pass exams and undergo training in how to teach. So the accent of the teachers here isn't a problem to me. When we finished our class for the day, we also continuously study hard at night. Some students prepared for the TOEIC test and to study in graduate school as well as to find a stable job. Here there're also many students who plan to for a Working Holiday to other countries. Everyone came here to study because of their dreams. I'm no exception. I want to work in an International non-profit organization.

English isn't only a language tool to me, it will also support me to understand this world. The world still has many differences, and it makes me value them much more.