Harry의 연수후기 = 토플 100점 획득했네요. ^^ Written in English

2017-06-03 16:00
Vision Academy !.. Presumably , it was named like that because it can not only help you study English but also give you a vision. Yet , in my experience , there seems to be a requirement for it : perseverance and motivation. In fact , when I came to vision , I didn't have a clear objective. However, as I continuously challenge and strive , I managed to accomplish many things and have a purpose.

While studying in Vision , I realized that we should always aim high. To illustrate this , for the three months (from December to Feburary) , my goal was getting a high score on a monthly test in vision. When I finally fulfilled it , I became conceited and complacent. This attitude lasted until the time when I began to study TOEFL. At that time , I realized that what I had learned previously wasn't comparable to the test. Nonetheless , I set my heart on it and persevered. In the end , I was able to get 100 on TOEFL. Likewise , it will always be our purpose that will lead us to make things happen.

In retrospect , I sometimes wonder what would have occurred if I had been satisfied with the vision monthly test result. In this sense , I also found out that we need a motivation in doing something.

Whenever you feel like you don't have anything to learn , try challenging yourself. In my case , I am trying to translate English movies and make a transcript. By and large , there is always something that can inspire you. Look around. Motivation is usually in close proximity to you.

To sum up , I strongly hope that you will achieve a lot of things while staying in Vision. Remember not to settle on mediocrity and always aim high.