I am in Brisbane! (by 지선영 Jeremy)

2017-06-03 15:32
When I first came to Manila airport, I only had my body and baggage with me. Furthermore, I didn't have any Philippine peso, I only had dollars. And the bank in the airport was already closed. It was around 1AM, and when I called for a taxi, the driver didn't understand my English. At that time, I just wanted to challenge myself and my capability.

After arriving at my boarding house 'BJ', 3 women welcomed me in the morning, and it was my first day in Bacolod. I was very uncomfortable. From that time, I started my life as a student in the Philippines. I didn't know how to study English and how can I make it useful in my life. It was hard at first. Just thinking about English itself made me nervous, how much more having 6 classes in a day.

My stay here in Bacolod was not just all about studying English, I wanted to experience more. Now I did almost everything such as meeting new foreign friends, going to the region church, and visiting famous spots. On the other hands, I didn't know what is the best way to study English. At first time, I just followed teacher's plan. But, I felt that it is similar with studying English in Korea university. So, it is important that I suggest my opinion and style. Although teachers always open their mind and they respect our ideas, I didn't think of it at first.

I made many remarkable memories on holidays. On the other part, I didn't really achieve improvement on my English speaking skill. But, I received confidence to try talk with foreigner, and then I recognized how to study English continually. I'll go another country and I also make many mistake and maybe I'll adapt that situation. We can challenge every part, also we can learn in there. Important thing is try or not.

I am in Brisbane library, I never have imaged it. But, I am in Australia. I don't know what I will do. Of course, I made my plan, but I don't know what happen to do tomorrow. I just do my best and thank everything. I learned it while I studied English in Vision academy. Everybody can plan and think about their future, everybody don't run it. Only person who challenge can receive rewards.

Finally, thank for everyone. Teachers, Mothers, Pastors, Sisters Brother and Teacher David.

Written by Jeremy and his teachers