my thoughts before leaving - Written by Jacob

2017-06-03 15:31
my thoughts before leaving

I remember the unfamiliar landscape in front of the airport; on the way to the village, the scenery of the city I saw through the car window; and the feeling when I entered the boarding house I would stay in for six months.
I'm so old that I decided to study hard thinking this is my last chance to study english.

Even though I was helpless in English without my dictionary, I was still excited 'cause I thought it was a new stimulation and challenge.

Before I came here, the best attraction was that this is a Christian academy and we are required low pay. but on the other hand, I was anxious about the level of the academy.

But it was good as the result I have experienced for six months. as well as I was so blessed in vision church and the english worship in a local church was a good experience for me.

Nowadays, I heard that other regions where many koreans live frequently have a problem about security. but bacolod is a peaceful and silent city.
In addition, bacolod citizens are very pure and favorable to koreans.

The best experience through studying at vision is to realize the way studying english fits me and I get possible basic conversation.

Anyway I'm going back to korea with a good experience and impression.

I'm thankful to teacher David, teacher Young ju, my teachers, and all vision members for their help in the meantime

Everybody just take care!