The Urban Legend of Jeon-ju by Bruce(Bruce)

2017-06-03 12:58
The Urban Legend of Jeon-ju by Bruce

One of my friends was a stockdealer in Jeon-ju. His
name was Min-Su. He was always serious. He never
told a lie or a joke. I always trusted him.

When he was in high school, one of the school girls
commited suicide. Nobody knew why she killed herself.

Min-Su's house was very close to his school. He could
see the school from the window in his house.

One night, he opened the window to smoke. While he
was smoking, he looked at his school. He saw
something strange.

It was a girl. He was very afraid but he was curious,
so he ran to the school to see the girl. When he
arrived at the school, he was very shocked because it
was the girl who had killed herself.

Every night, he went to the scool to meet her. Soon
he fell in love with her. He loved her so much. He
went to the scool every night for two years.

One day she suddenly disappeared.

Sometimes, he said with deep sorrow, "I miss her so

Soon he killed kimself, too. I think that maybe she
had taken him with her.